• Carmen Brenner, Dieter Fensel, Michael Fried, Jennifer Kaiser, Birgit Leiter, and Ioannis Stavrakantonakis

    In this presentation we take a closer look at opportunities and challenges of engagement in the specific application field of eTourism. We introduce the Seekda Social Agent (SESA), that helps hoteliers in dealing with the challenge to improve and maintaining communication needs in a world with an exploding number of channels in order to maintain or better increase their market share (i.e., the number of bookings and the attached price) by keeping the related transactions costs for on-line communication and booking manageable.

  • Wilhelm Glaetzle
  • Carmen Brenner, Anna Fensel, Dieter Fensel, Michael Fried, Christoph Fuchs, Andreea Gagiu, Iker Larizgoitia, Birgit Leiter, Alex Oberhauser, Corneliu-Valentin Stanciu, Ioannis Stavrakantonakis, Andreas Thalhammer, and Ioan Toma

    This presentation motivates and introduces the vision and main concepts of effective and efficient on-line communication. We describe the overall aims and introduce main concepts such as Multi-channel Publishing/Dissemination, Social Media Monitoring, Communication, Engagement, Semantic Engagement, as well as applications types and fields for effective and efficient on-line communication.
    The presentation is available as full, medium and short version, as well as handouts.

  • Şahin Uçar
  • Carmen Brenner, Dieter Fensel, Andreea Gagiu, Birgit Leiter, Ioannis Stavrakantonakis

    This presentation is about Multi-channel Publishing/Dissemination. We introduce the concept of dissemination, argue why it is important and present how it can be implemented. We continue by describing the multitude of dissemination channels available on the Web and discuss the pitfalls of dissemination. Finally we have a look at how to measure the impact of dissemination.