Towards online engagement via the Social Web

Ioannis Stavrakantonakis, Andreea-Elena Gagiu, Ioan Toma and Dieter Fensel
Published in: 
Proceedings of the The First International Conference on Building and Exploring Web Based Environments (WEB 2013), Seville, Spain
Publication Date: 
January, 2013

Abstract: The blossom of Web 2.0 has created new opportunities for the enter- prises. Web users are disseminating more information than ever before about their interests, their experiences with products and services, their thoughts and whatever interacts with them in a daily basis. The challenge for the enterprise is how to exploit and transform this social media explosion into added value on their business plan. The enterprise in the new Web era should have the utilities to disseminate messages in a multi-channel attitude and to listen to the discus- sions around their products and their services. Furthermore, they should be able to take action and interact with these discussions in a productive way for the in- ternal improvement of the organization but also for establishing strong bonds with the users. The web users for an enterprise could be existing customers or potential customers, average users or advocates. Thus, it is crucial to have an effective way to keep balance in the engagement investment and materialize the engagement concept in a scalable way. This paper aims to discuss the character- istics of the online engagement with the customers and the different require- ments that lay on the base of this approach.